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What Can I Expect At My Appointment?

Why am I being seen?

The eyes are a complex part of the human body. Due to their complexity certain problems can arise that can be detrimental to vision or even overall health of the patient. The most common problem for the patient is a simple need for corrective lenses, or glasses. Common medical conditions of the eye include but are not limited to diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, drooping eyelids, double vision, lazy eye and even cancer of the eye.  Annual eye examinations are very important in order to evaluate your eyes for potential problems or give you assurance that the eyes are remaining in good health.

Typical appointments at EMEC can vary from very brief to longer, in-depth visits. Due to the nature of ophthalmology and the complexity of conditions of the eye, a visit to the office can be long at times up to a couple of hours. As a patient, you can expect a warm greeting while signing in at the front reception desk.  You will be asked for personal information in order to register you as a patient with our office.  As a new patient you will need to make sure to have your insurance information, photo identification, health history information, a list of your current medications with amounts taken and emergency contact information. You will receive a new patient packet before our appointment that should be completed and brought with you to your appointment, you can also download and print these forms from this website(new patient forms).  If you have been seen in our office previously, please make sure to supply the front office receptionist a photo identification, any changes in your personal and insurance information, and any changes to your contact information.   All of this information is necessary to service you and to appropriately bill your insurance carrier.  Please remember that if your insurance carrier requires a referral for your visit, it is your responsibility to have this prior to your appointment.  

Once you have been registered, you will be called upon shortly by a technician.  The technician will seat you in an examination room. In the examination room the technician will ask you a few questions about your vision and overall health and will perform an initial examination.  After the initial examination is complete the patient may have his or her eyes dilated with eye drops. It takes the average eye 20 minutes to dilate and 5 to 7 hours for the dilation to dissipate. Once the patient is dilated he or she will seen by an ophthalmologist who will look inside the eyes for various medical conditions. At the completion of the examination the doctor will discuss his findings and recommendations for further care.   

Before you leave the office you will check out with our back desk reception.  The receptionists will schedule you for any follow up appointments that are necessary and let you know how your services will be billed for today’s visit.

If you are in need of new glasses, you can stop into the optical shop.  Opticians will be able to help you with frame and lens selection or glasses adjustments and repairs if those are needed.

Thank you for choosing East Michigan Eye Center, we look forward to serving you!

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